Kinnporsche EP.1 Review

  • AIR DAY: Sunday
  • AIR TIME: 1:00 PM


Kinnporche is a Thai BL (Boys Love) series released on IQYI App. The series is a novel adaptation of the same name. The story is about Porche (Nattawin Wattanagitiphat) who got into a contract of being the bodyguard of Kinn (Phakphum Romsaithong). Kinn is the second son of his family gang mafia. On the other hand, Porshe is a university student and a former national Taekwando champion who loves money and is willing to go on this path of danger.



Episode 1 Review

Kinn is at a meeting where the opposite gang leader asks him about his father Mr.Korn who is the leader of the gang. Due to Mr.Korn’s health condition, Kinn takes the charge of being the leader. Kinn accused the opposite leader of betraying the casino’s statement, in which Kinn’s father and the leader have been working together for years. Kinn kills the translator and walks out of the meeting agreeing to trust him again. But the opposite gang leader never had those intentions and told a few of his men to kill Kinn. Now, Kinn, has all the gang members chasing him, Kinn goes towards the hideout where a few of his men are waiting for him. While fighting Kinn’s right-hand gets shot and Kinn runs alone for his survival.


Porsche is the bartender of the bar ‘Hum Bar’, he’s getting drunk to show off in front of his customers. Porsche’s friends ask him how he does all these getting women love him, he asks for thousand baht (Thai Money) in return for the information which shows how much he loves money. Porsche is having his time of life in the back alley while smoking cigarettes after sex with his customer. Kinn runs towards Porsche for help as his gun runs out of bullets. Porsche asks for fifty thousand baht in return for his help and beats the men, Porsche takes a bike and runs with Kinn in the back. They stop at a petrol pump where Porsche asks for money again. Kinn doesn’t have anything at that time so Porsche takes his watch.


Porsche returns home and sees his uncle getting beaten up by the people who own the house which he gambled Crypto with. While talking to his uncle about his brother Chay who is at the university and needs money for next semester’s tuition fees, Porsche gives the watch to him and asks to wait for more money. Porsche has been fighting in the underground as an underground boxer known as ‘The Phoenix’ for a long time but doesn’t get enough money. Porsche reaches home after a fight and gets to know the watch costs more than he thought and covered all of his expenses.


Kinn is having a meeting with his father discussing last night’s fight where his father requested him to send gifts to the opposite leader, Kinn kills the leader’s men who were after him and sends them to the leader as a gift. After the meeting is over Kinn asks his men if they found Jom, when Porsche and Kinn were separating the other night Porsche told Kinn his name was Jom. Porsche goes to the bar for work where he finds Kinn sitting with Pink Lady the bar owner. Porsche is scared that Kinn would hurt his people and come back to get his watch, Kinn denies it and asks Porsche to make a drink for him, after the drink Kinn kidnaps Porsche. When Porsche wakes up he finds himself on the ship in the middle of the lake. Kinn starts talking about Porsche’s background, but Porsche is not afraid and tells him to release him. Kinn asks Porsche to become his bodyguard, but Porsche disagrees and starts fighting one on one with Kinn. Porsche tries to run but got pinned by Kinn, as he had no way of running he gets on the top of the ship and jumps from it.


Kinn returns to his father and describes Porsche as a fool for not taking the money in return for him becoming his bodyguard. Mr.Korn Kinn’s father explains to Kinn that Porsche might be the one who you are looking for who won’t betray you in this industry. Porsche runs home in fear of what might have happened to his brother and uncle. When he returns home he finds that the uncle is a gambler in a local bar club and invested all of the watch money. Porsche requested the owner to give him time for the payment and kicks his uncle out of the house.


In desperation for money for his brother’s tuition fees Porsche accepts Kinn’s request for him to be his bodyguard and goes by leaving a letter to his brother telling him he has got a good job. Porsche meets the boss of the mafia Kinn’s father Mr.Korn and surprises him by saying he wants the job of the current top bodyguard. Mr.Korn agrees as he is impressed by his guts to tell what he wants.


Writer’s Thoughts

I have been waiting for this drama for a year when a small clip of Porsche fighting was uploaded by the director. The hype was something else because the kind of plot or the actors have never been seen until now in any BL drama. Even tho we all knew the plot by reading the novel it still excites me. The wait was over when it was announced to release early. Now let’s talk about the episode, the first episode gave us a brief description of them from how Kinn took the charge of being the leader of the Mafia gang to why Porsche is so desperate of having money all the time. What was more surprising why that they actually showed Kinn violent and let the lead actor kill and be not soft. We do need some kill in Mafia plots or else it will be boring if we just saw the main couple all the time.

The actors really suit each other, still, we didn’t see any chemistry maybe it’s because it’s too soon to judge the leads yet but I’m excited to wait for them to grow in love with each other.


Preview Of Episode 2

At the product opening party Porsche tells the bodyguards he will be the one who will look after the leader’s second son Kinn because for some reason Kinn slaps Porsche for misbehaving. The opposite party leader tells his men to keep an eye on Kinn’s new bodyguard Porsche.


You can watch the trailer down below:


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