How Porsche Is Going To Die In KinnPorsche The Series


Kinnporche is a Thai BL (Boys Love) series released on IQYI App. The series is a novel adaptation of the same name. The story is about Porche (Nattawin Wattanagitiphat) who got into a contract of being the bodyguard of Kinn (Phakphum Romsaithong). Kinn is the second son of his family gang mafia. On the other hand, Porshe is a university student and a former national Taekwando champion who loves money and is willing to go on this path of danger.


Porsche’s character is a total crackhead in the series. What are the things are made me think he is going to die soon:

  • While the bodyguards were talking about the rules suddenly Porsche receives a call from a friend so the bodyguards take his phone and jokingly Porsche removes the bodyguard’s pants.
  • Angry for treating him as a waiter he adds a thick layer of wasabi paste to the drink but he himself had to drink it because of Kinn’s six senses. 
  • Porsche peed in the pond of Mr.Tankhun and killed his fishes Elizabeth and Sebastian.
  • At the event, Porsche gets bored of waiting and drinks a few drinks, gets drunk and also loses Kinn.
  • Porsche fined Kinn kissing someone in the bathroom but Kinn yells that she is actually killing him and kicks Kinn by mistake as he is drunk.
  • Macau gets pushed by Porsche as he thought he was a maid’s son.
  • When Porsche gets up he is ready to throw punches at Kinn

These are some of the scenes from the drama but as we know people who read the novel might feel this is nothing compared to what he did in the novel. To know more about this series you can see the full recap and review over here: Kinnporche EP.2 Recap/Review, Kinnporsche EP.1 Review


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