Xin Zhilei’s mesmerizing look for L’Oreal

Xin Zhilei is a veteran Chinese actress who is known for her roles in the films Bunshinsaba 2, Crosscurrent, and Brotherhood of Blades II: The Infernal Battlefield. She is also well known for playing the main role in dramas Wang Dahua Revolutionary Career, I Am a Superstar, Win the Future, Over the Sea, I ComeContinue reading “Xin Zhilei’s mesmerizing look for L’Oreal”

Happy 26th Birthday Chen Muchi!

Chen Muchi, also known as Luke, is a rising star in the cdrama industry. He is well known for his role as the third prince Chao Feng in the series The Starry Love, for which he received a lot of praise. Chen is currently preparing for his upcoming much-awaited Chinese BL drama Guardians of theContinue reading “Happy 26th Birthday Chen Muchi!”

Zhang Tian’ai’s stunning Harper look!

Zhang Tian’ai, globally known as Crystal Zhang, is a veteran Chinese actress and model who made her breakout in the industry through the popular web drama Go Princess Go. In 2009, Zhang starred in the Korean short film Cherry Blossom alongside well-known actor Kim Soo Hyun. She continued to appear in minor supporting roles afterContinue reading “Zhang Tian’ai’s stunning Harper look!”

Xu Kai’s team shares birthday snaps

Xu Kai, also known as Soso, is a Chinese actor and model who made his acting debut in 2016. His most notable works are ‘Story of Yanxi Palace and The Legends’. Soso also starred in a military series called “Arsenal Military Academy”, which helped him win the Best Actor award at the Hengdian Film andContinue reading “Xu Kai’s team shares birthday snaps”

New modern Cdrama in making!

Missing you (很想很想你 / Hen Xiang Hen Xiang Ni) is an upcoming Cdrama starring Tan Jianci and Zhou Ye. The drama is set to be broadcasted on Tencent and will have 35 episodes. PLOT: A university student with an alternate online identity of “Sheng Sheng Man” does music for the historical genre. Although she isContinue reading “New modern Cdrama in making!”

Will ‘IMMORTALITY’ ever be released?

Immortality (皓衣行) is an upcoming Chinese historical mystery wuxia BL drama based on the BL xianxia novel titled: The Husky and His White Cat Shizun (二哈和他的白猫师尊) by Meatbun Doesn’t Eat Meat. Luo Yunxi and Chen Feiyu will star in the drama. The drama was scheduled to have 1 season consisting of 58 episodes, each 45Continue reading “Will ‘IMMORTALITY’ ever be released?”

Ding Yuxi defends Zhao Lusi after assault videos surface!

In a video clip that surfaced over the internet, a netizen questioned whether this was Lusi’s “true nature.” Actress Zhao Lusi, in a recent viral video, can be seen jokingly, “inserting” an IV needle in her co-star Ding Yuxi’s arm to which he yelled, “you really pricked me”. The video caused heated comments online asContinue reading “Ding Yuxi defends Zhao Lusi after assault videos surface!”

Top 5 C-drama to watch to get started with C-drama (Rom-Com Edition)

We all enjoy watching dramas to pass our free time. Some enjoy J-dramas and some K-dramas. However, in today’s day and age, C-drama as a category has been growing rapidly! Many enjoy watching the unique plot, the essence of historical beauty, martial arts, the concept of gods and demons, and much more. Today, I haveContinue reading “Top 5 C-drama to watch to get started with C-drama (Rom-Com Edition)”

Who Rules The World New Stills Out!

Who Rules The World is a Chinese web drama adapted from the novel “Qie Shi Tian Xia” (且试天下) by Qing Ling Yue (倾泠月). Yang Yang (Love O2O, King’s Avatar) and Zhao Lu Si (The Romance of Tiger and Rose, The Long Ballad) will be starring in this drama. PLOT: Bai Feng Xi is majestic and unbridled,Continue reading “Who Rules The World New Stills Out!”

Be Reborn New Stills Out!

Be Reborn (重生之门) is an upcoming suspense Chinese drama by Youku. The drama will have 24 episodes in total, each episode 45 minutes long. PLOT: While examining the theft of an antiquated painting, Luo Jian, the chief of the criminal inspection team, meets genius college student Zhuang Wenjie, who comes from a family of thieves.Continue reading “Be Reborn New Stills Out!”