Kinnporche EP.2 Recap/Review

  • AIR DAY: Sunday
  • AIR TIME: 1:00 PM


Kinnporche is a Thai BL (Boys Love) series released on IQYI App. The series is a novel adaptation of the same name. The story is about Porche (Nattawin Wattanagitiphat) who got into a contract of being the bodyguard of Kinn (Phakphum Romsaithong). Kinn is the second son of his family gang mafia. On the other hand, Porshe is a university student and a former national Taekwondo champion who loves money and is willing to go on this path of danger.


Recap Of Episode 1

As Kinn is running away from people of the opposite gang members he spots Porsche and received his help in return Porsche asked him for some money. Kinn’s father is impressed with Porsche’s fighting skills and recruits Porsche into his mafia gang. Because of his brother’s university fees, Porsche accepts his request.



Episode 2 Review

Kinn’s bodyguards show Porsche bodyguard’s daily routine and the whole island where he has to stay from now on. While the bodyguards were talking about the rules suddenly Porsche receives a call from a friend so the bodyguards take his phone and jokingly Porsche removes the bodyguard’s pants. This nature is definitely going to get him to kill. Now here comes the bodyguard’s bodyguard who talks big about if you die you die or get treated. But our Porsche is much more interested in the room than getting death threats.


After the tour Porsche gets into his room and meets his partner Kinn’s Older brother’s bodyguard ‘Pete’. While Pete is talking about the mafia gang’s history, one of the bodyguards tells him to get Kinn his breakfast. Angry for treating him as a waiter he adds a thick layer of wasabi paste to the drink but he himself had to drink it because of Kinn’s sixth sense. Funny enough Porsche’s first day gets more interesting as he turns on the fire alarm and bathed Kinn, got late while freeing himself in the water while training, and many more experiences.


While he was complaining about his day to Pete Mr.Tankhun walks in Kinn’s older brother accused Porsche of peeing in the pond and killing his fish Elizabeth and Sebastian. I seriously don’t know what is actually going on. Mr.Tankhun makes Porsche his new fish called Elizabeth The Second and here walks our savior Kinn who gets his merman out of the embarrassing situation. Kinn tells Porsche to get out of the water and get ready to go out for an event.


As Porsche never had good clothes to wear. Kinn takes him to a big showroom to get his new clothes. While getting him a tie Kinn turns Porsche and both locked their eyes on each other for a few secs. Nervous Kinn gets out and tells others to get him dressed. After getting dressed Porsche walks up to Kinn to make the entrance and falls down. Hehe. At the event, Porsche gets bored of waiting and drinks a lot more than he should, he gets drunk, and also loses Kinn as he is here to protect him. Porsche finds Kinn kissing someone in the bathroom but Kinn starts yelling because she was actually trying to kill him and kicks Kinn by mistake as he is drunk. Eventually, she gets away and talks to someone who gave her money to do so. While Kinn is lecturing Porsche, because he got drunk on his first day of being a bodyguard he scrambles upon Kinn, looks at his cute face, and gets gay panicked.


The next day Mr.kan Mr.Korn’s brother appears for a monthly meeting who’s son Macau gets pushed by Porsche as he thought he was a maid’s son. That is not a reason to act like this to a person. Macau runs to his father and tells the whole story, to not get things heated Kinn slaps Porsche and chokes him till he gets unconscious. When Porsche gets up he is ready to throw punches at Kinn, to stop him Pete tells him that Kinn saved his life by choking him and that Kinn use to be kind in the past but became cruel because for some reason.

Porsche brings Kinn coffee that tastes bad as he only knows to make alcoholic drinks. While Kinn trying to drink Porsche’s bad coffee Mr.Tankhun enters Kinn’s room and requests him to give Porsche in exchange for Pete as he thinks that he might enjoy Porsche’s company. Kinn agrees. That’s a big surprise. The scene changes to Mr.kan, Mr.Korn’s brother telling his older son to keep an eye on Porsche Kinn’s bodyguard.


Writer’s Thought

I still can’t believe he freaking peed in the pool and murders those fish. I mean are people actually getting over this and forgetting that this actually happened I can’t even process this how can I go to watch EP.3. BTW EP.3 is going to air late as it’s a national holiday ok the day it was going to premiere. Sad news I know but we are going to get some special episodes. Please do check out our Thai BL archive you’ll find more about KinnPorsche. Now back to Porsche OMG, I can’t believe this guy. I’m so shocked that the series is more than serious as the topic is about the mafia. Kinn seriously slapped and choked Porsche like what???

Preview Of Episode 3

Mr.Tankhun takes Porsche to a club where he dances like a crazy person. One of the bodyguards is talking to someone about Porsche and tells him all the details about Kinn’s new bodyguard. Someone from the opposite gang tries to shoot at Kinn with a gun at the meeting Porsche stands in front of them but the scene cuts while the guy fires but Kinn pushed Porsche.


You can watch the trailer down below:


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