Dark Side Of BL Industry


BL has been the main topic in these recent years of popularity gain. Even tho from the outside BL industry looks like a place to find happiness every industry has there bad side. Mainly focusing on the topic of how fans or the nature of the series turns out in real life this article talks about the dark side of the BL Industry.

These are some of the points which can be considered dark in this industry:


Too much shipping from obsessed fans

Fans being too obsessed with the actors or the characters of the series may be caused by the fans being delusional or the company being at fault because of the behind-the-scenes of them being together all the time. But keep in mind these videos are done to the actors’ knowledge which they have been signed up to do. Shipping them to their cutie de lulu video is totally fine as that’s what the company what’s from the fans. But this shipping goes beyond once the fans make a couple of theories online to stalk them or to invade their privacy. Solo stans also make their entrance to unstan the couple once they came out as a real couple which turns into a blame game upon the company allowing them to act like they are a couple or the fans taking it seriously and causing problems.


Only good looking actors are considered valid

This point is a little debatable as being good-looking or put together is at least a requirement in the entertainment industry. May it even be outside the BL industry being good-looking is a must in every aspect of showing their faces in the scenes. The main leads are the most attractive people in terms of their face or their acting. Though comparing their acting skills to looking good is a totally different topic. Those main lead actors are selected by their acting. That’s obvious or the whole drama will be at a loss because the main leads’ acting skills are poor. Considering all the points they don’t have to be a model face to act in the entertainment industry but if the actor is not even attractive enough in some aspect how can fans be interested in them? 


Fanservice doesn’t portray reality

Fanservice has a totally different point as the actors are fully aware of what they are doing or what they have been told to do so as to please the fans. Sometimes in the series itself, there are characters who portray the BL fans and request the main leads to give fanservice. After the series is over the main leads promote in many ways to hugs, kisses, and all kinds of skinship. Before even taking part in this fanservice the company must sign all the things they have to do while shooting the series or after the series is over. Its main purpose is to promote the series and sometimes these couples actually become close.


After Fame

This point mainly focuses on the actors who get popular and get hate after the series is over. Obsessed fans want their favorite actors to act again and again as a couple in the series. If their fav couple gets a different co-star the hate spreads like a fire. When the series gets over the actors get out of the characters and focus on their own projects. But this can make fans speculate regarding their relationship off-camera. Which can cause their future work overlooked or ignored. The misunderstanding occurs when the couple acts as lovers on screen and fans can’t get over it.


Coming out

When actor feels comfortable enough to talk about their sexual preference with fans they come out as gay. But being actually gay can ruin their career or the fans loves the actor regardless of his preference. Actors who have come out and said they are openly gay get a different treatment from the fans. The most important thing over here is that these actors are performing in the BL industry. They might be gay, or bisexual or they are not even in the LGBTQ community.


Plot or The Actor?

To simply conclude this in one line “BL storylines are cringe but successful because of the actor”. Talking about the lines is not enough. Taking into consideration the plot, lines, line delivery, and many more aspects sometimes BL gives all the feelings which are not needed. Old BL had this plot design for a while. When the plot did not matter as the fans would fully focus because of the actor. Even today there are some BLs that give cringe line delivery.


Writer’s Thoughts:

Even though I’m a BL fan I do not impose these points. Every person’s opinions are different. These are some of the points which have been discussed for a long time in this industry. This article is to point out the side which might be considered dark compared to all the other things floating on the surface. The BL industry has gotten popular in recent years. Which has its good side as BL is getting the popularity which it deserves and the bad side which are these points I’ve talked about.


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