Cherry Blossom After Winter Review

  • AIR DAY: Thursday
  • AIRED: Feb – April 2022 
  • AIRING CHANNEL: Rakuten ViKi


Taesung has always been in love with Haebom since he becomes his friend with him. Haebom doesn’t have any knowledge about it and just wants out of Taesung’s mother’s concerns. Haebom has been living with Taesung since he lost his parents in an accident. Taesung losses his mind when he got to know about Haebom’s plan on moving out and confesses his feelings to Haebom. What will this journey of bloom lead to?




Hidden Feelings

Haebom is a conservative person he doesn’t want his legal guardian Taesung’s mother to have knowledge about problems related to his life. His parents died when he was just 7 years old and was brought home by his mother’s friend Taesung’s mother. As the new academic year starts Haebom is surprised to see Taesung in the class. This is the first time he is in the same class as him and doesn’t want Taesung to tell his mother about his secret miserable life. Jun Seung has been harassing Haebom since they were together in the same class. But he crosses the limit when he takes the money Taesung’s mother gave him on his birthday.


Sweet Gaze

Taesung helps Haebom whenever Jun Seung tries to bully him. But Haebom doesn’t understand his actions as he was the one who didn’t want him as a brother when Tae Seong’s mother brought him home after Haebom’s parent’s accidental death. Tae Seong gives Haebom his fav cream bun sweet when Jun Seung spills milk on his book. Haebom is surprised that Tae Seong remembers his fav sweet. When Tae Seong was eating the bun he was going to spill some cream which made Haebom act unknowingly lick the cream which was falling.


Two Hearts Grow Closer

Nam Jia Taesung’s friend tries to befriend Haebom as she comforts him about the things Jun Seung writes about Taesung and his relationship. Taesung for the first time enters Haebom’s room which made them both awkward. But the awkwardness fades away once they talk about their feelings on the camping site where Taesuung mother takes them. Taesung comes clean with his best friend when he asks him about Haebom and his relationship. Taesung is worried he might never see Haebom once they graduate and Haebom moves out of their house.


The Beginning

Haebom talks about his moving out plan with Taesung’s mother. Taesung keeps hugging Haebom again and again which makes Haebom’s heart pound lounder. Haebom questions his thoughts as he guesses he is gotten very comfortable around him. Even when Taesung was showering he didn’t think much about it. To clear his head he focuses on thinking about what he should get for Taesung’s birthday. Haebom starts crying once he remembers his parent’s death. Taesung kisses him to comfort him and promises Haebom he will never leave Haebom’s side.


An Awkward Confession, Becoming Lovers

Taesung confesses his feelings to Haebom but Haebom has totally different thoughts as Taesung’s mother has been helping Haebom for a long time and he doesn’t want to hurt her. Taesung gets angry and forces himself on Haebom but apologizes once he realizes his mistakes. Taesung clears the misunderstanding that he doesn’t love him out of sympathy but truly does love him Haebom gets all his courage and accepts Taesung’s feelings.


Only One Bed

In this new relationship, Taesung gets excited about this journey and admits himself to the same university as Haebom. Taesung gets a house for him and Haebom to live in as they both can go to the university comfortably. As freshmen, they go to a drinking party with seniors and in a few days, they get used to the life in university. Taesung’s mother waits for Haebom and Taesung in the parking lot but gets surprised once she sees both of them kissing each other.


A Forbidden Relationship

Taesung’s mother gets confused about what exactly she saw and thinks in every possible way if this is right or wrong. Meanwhile, Haebom gets busy working on his group project with his classmate Hye Ju. Taesung’s friend teases him that he is getting jealous of Haebom and Hye Ju’s friendship. This happy relationship takes a turn when Taesung’s mother confronts Taesung about their relationship and disagrees with their relationship. Taesung’s mother tries to contact Haebom but Taesung cuts all ties with his mother and lies to Haebom about their fight.


Full Bloom

Taesung’s is on edge as he doesn’t want his mother to talk with Haebom. He feels Haebom will leave him if his mother says so. Haebom asks Taesung’s best friend what was happening to him his best friend couldn’t control it and said everything. Haebom thinks he has to do the right thing and tells Taesung’s mother how much he loves Taesung and how much he wants to live his life with Taesung. Taesung’s mother gets the thoughts of her sons and agrees she was the wrong one. Taesung finally understands what he wanted to do he wants to be a pastry chef as he wants to bake a cake for Haebom for a lifetime. Haebom gets promise rings for their eternity unconditional love for each other.


Writer’s Thoughts

For someone who has been reading the Manhwa since its beginning, this is total nonsense. I agree there are too many scenes in Manhwa to act all the scenes in the drama are impossible but totally changing the story is crazy. Taesung forcing Haebom to love him had different kinds of feelings. Taesung has been in love with Haebom for a long time which made him act not kind once get got Haebom’s affection. But not even including it and making a totally different way out of it is too much for a Manhwa reader. The drama itself was good but it didn’t make me have any butterflies in my stomach. The actors do lack in many things which are clearly shown in the direction of the drama.


You can watch the trailer down below:


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