New Korean-Thai BL poster out!

Eccentric Romance (기이한 로맨스) is an upcoming Korean BL starring Korean star Yoon Jun Won and Thai actor Save Saisawat. It is a mystery, young-adult romance based in a university. Plot: Min Woo and Sung Hoon have been friends for 10 years. They both are hiding their feelings and, after entering the same university, theyContinue reading “New Korean-Thai BL poster out!”

Poster for new Korean BL out!

A Shoulder to Cry on is an upcoming Korean BL drama starring Yaechan and Jaehan from Omega_X. The drama is adapted from a manhwa titled “Sonyeoneul Wilohaejwo” (소년을 위로해줘) by Dong Mul (동물). It is a psychological romance drama set to have 7 episodes, each 30 minutes long. The series will be released on Viki.Continue reading “Poster for new Korean BL out!”

Cherry Blossom After Winter Review

AIR DAY: Thursday AIRED: Feb – April 2022  AIRING CHANNEL: Rakuten ViKi Plot Taesung has always been in love with Haebom since he becomes his friend with him. Haebom doesn’t have any knowledge about it and just wants out of Taesung’s mother’s concerns. Haebom has been living with Taesung since he lost his parents inContinue reading “Cherry Blossom After Winter Review”

The Beloved Little Princess Season 3 Released Today!

The Beloved Little Princess (The Youngest Princess) is a comedy fantasy manhwa serialised under Tappy Toon. PLOT: The birth of Princess Enisha represents the start of the Hyperion Empire’s messianic rule. Life is fantastic for the baby princess, who has an unthinkably cute face as well as an unending supply of loyal servants. There’s alsoContinue reading “The Beloved Little Princess Season 3 Released Today!”

Noze Of ‘Street Woman Fighter’ Tested Positive For Covid-19

NO: ZE is a professional dancer from South Korea. She was a part of the WAYB dance crew, was a contestant in Street Woman Fighter. She was very well-known way before she joined the Street Woman Fighter as she was a backup dancer in EXO Kai’s Mmmh. She even got her own fancam for theContinue reading “Noze Of ‘Street Woman Fighter’ Tested Positive For Covid-19”

Stray Kids New MV Maniac Out Now!

Stray Kids members Bang Chan, Changbin, Han, Lee know, Seungmin, I.N, Hyunjin, and Felix are looking all set for Maniac. Stray Kids’ long-awaited 2022 comeback with Oddinary is finally here. Stray Kids’ sixth EP has released today that is March 18th 2022. According to reports, the idea behind Oddinary is that “all of us whoContinue reading “Stray Kids New MV Maniac Out Now!”

Ikon Is Coming Out With Their Own Entertainment Show

Ikon is a popular K-pop boy group under YG Entertainment which consists of 6 members: Bobby, Jinhwa, Song Yunhyeong, Koo Jun-hoe, Jung Chan-woo, Kim Donghyuk. B.I was a former member of the group who had to leave due to a controversy. The group was formed by a survival show called Win and Mix & Match.Continue reading “Ikon Is Coming Out With Their Own Entertainment Show”