New Korean-Thai BL poster out!

Eccentric Romance (기이한 로맨스) is an upcoming Korean BL starring Korean star Yoon Jun Won and Thai actor Save Saisawat. It is a mystery, young-adult romance based in a university. Plot: Min Woo and Sung Hoon have been friends for 10 years. They both are hiding their feelings and, after entering the same university, theyContinue reading “New Korean-Thai BL poster out!”

Top 5 Kdramas Not For Romantics

Kdramas have become the norm now! In today’s day and age, everyone likes watching kdramas and endorsing the lives of the characters that catch their attention. No matter how much we dream of having a kdrama romance, sometimes we just want the thrill and suspense. This list is for all the kdrama fanatics who wantContinue reading “Top 5 Kdramas Not For Romantics”

Cherry Blossom After Winter Review

AIR DAY: Thursday AIRED: Feb – April 2022  AIRING CHANNEL: Rakuten ViKi Plot Taesung has always been in love with Haebom since he becomes his friend with him. Haebom doesn’t have any knowledge about it and just wants out of Taesung’s mother’s concerns. Haebom has been living with Taesung since he lost his parents inContinue reading “Cherry Blossom After Winter Review”

Weibo Deletes BL Semantic Error Posts Ranking No.1

Semantic Error 시맨틱 에러 is a Manhwa (Korean Comic) by Jeo Soo Ri adapted into BL (Boys Love) Korean Drama where a computer science major Chu Sang Woo played by “Park Jae Chan” has to complete his project with a design major Jang Jae Young played by “Park Seo Ham” in which he decides toContinue reading “Weibo Deletes BL Semantic Error Posts Ranking No.1”

Korean BL ‘Blueming’ Review

AIR DAY: Thursday AIRED: March 2022  AIRING CHANNEL: iQiyi Blueming is a South Korean BL (Boys Love) Drama released on iQiYi App. It is adapted from the webtoon ‘Who Can Define Popularity?’ by Tak Bon. The story is about Siwon Cha by Kang Eun Bin and Dawoon who are film majors. It’s about their loveContinue reading “Korean BL ‘Blueming’ Review”

Top 5 Best K-Dramas Of Ahn Hyo-Seop

Ahn Hyo Seop is a Canadian actor who works for Starhaus Entertainment in South Korea. He was born in the South Korean city of Seoul. His family moved to Toronto, Canada, when he was seven years old. When he was 17, he returned to South Korea, but his family remained in Canada. He received hisContinue reading “Top 5 Best K-Dramas Of Ahn Hyo-Seop”

After 1 Year Delay, ‘Dear.M’ To Finally Broadcast!

‘Dear.M’ will finally be aired. However, it’s not where you might’ve expected it to air. On the 24th of March, 2022; it was made known that ‘Dear.M’ will be broadcasted in Japan before South Korea! This news was conveyed after the one-year delay. The drama was delayed as one of the cast members had gottenContinue reading “After 1 Year Delay, ‘Dear.M’ To Finally Broadcast!”

Hotel Del Luna Actor Yeo Jin Goo Tests Positive For COVID-19

Yeo Jin Goo is a Korean actor better known for his role in Hotel Del Luna and many other Korean Movies and dramas. Moon Embracing The Sun, Orange Marmalade, Missing You, and A Frozen Flower are some of his popular dramas. Yeo Jin Goo Tests Positive For COVID-19. The companies statement is below: Hello, thisContinue reading “Hotel Del Luna Actor Yeo Jin Goo Tests Positive For COVID-19”

Cherry Blossoms After Winter Cast Invites Fans To A Live Talk

Cherry Blossoms After Winter is a BL manhwa written and illustrated by Banwoo. Its first chapter was published in 2017. The manhwa’s main story is completed with side stories going on. It follows the story of Taesung and Haebom. Haebom has been residing in Taesung’s house because his parents had died. And now that he’sContinue reading “Cherry Blossoms After Winter Cast Invites Fans To A Live Talk”

DONGKIZ Changes Group Name Announces Wondae’s Departure And Addition Of New Members

DONGKIZ, renamed as DKZ is a K-pop boy group that has experienced significant modifications in terms of both group name and members. Dongyo Entertainment, the group’s agency, revealed on Fancafe that the group would henceforth be known as DKZ.  The five-member group formally debuted in the year 2019, but rose to prominence after the BLContinue reading “DONGKIZ Changes Group Name Announces Wondae’s Departure And Addition Of New Members”