BL ‘NOT ME’ Review

  • AIR DAY: Sunday
  • AIR TIME: Dec 12 2021- Mar 20 2022


Black and White are twins that have a close relationship. White’s father, on the other hand, took him out of the country after their parents divorced, separating their family. White didn’t return to Thailand for fifteen long years. He was sent to the hospital after feeling life-threatening pain while eating one day. White couldn’t figure out what had caused it. Then he received a phone call from Tod (Harit Cheewagaroon), a childhood friend, telling him that his twin, Black, had been beaten into a coma. White then prepared to go on a quest to find the culprit who had attacked Black. Tod recounts Black’s transition into a lifeless motorcycle gang.



Not me, this series is not any usual BL drama that focuses on romance; instead, it depicts a society in its genuine light. It refers to the current circumstance that (we) or (you) are in. Understanding the Rule of Law and the Law of Rule, nepotism, unequal rights for disabled people, equal rights of a person, and a variety of other issues that pertain to society. This series’ performers did an excellent job portraying their roles can see a different side of the main stars, especially Off Jumpol, who usually has a funny side, but his character in this drama shows his seriousness and a great aura of action, and Gun Atthaphan, who has a sweet face, he was able to capture the audience’s attention in playing two very challenging roles. He demonstrates that he is capable of being the finest of the best. For this series, the entire cast gave their all. Kudos to director Anucha Boonyawatana (Nuchie), writer, and whole production crew! The cinematography, the way the scenario was recorded, the magnificent scenery, paintings, and everything else is stunning. This is a fantastic bit of drama that we adore.

Author’s Thought

This series is more than a bl series; as far as I am aware, it is the only bl series that has successfully made its teachings, portrayal, and challenges come through in a very obvious manner. Where have you ever seen two individuals who love each other march beneath the pride flag, holding hands and yelling for equal rights? Nowhere but Not Me. Off and Gun’s acting is excellent, and I admire Off for it; you can tell how much he has improved over the years. And let’s not even get started on Gun, because when I say his acting is amazing, I mean it I also like the acting of Mond, First, Papang, Fluke, and especially Sing!!!!! This series’ OST is amazing and addictive. Finally, I appreciate P’Nutchy (the director) for being so daring in releasing this series despite the potential blowback from other people’s ideas about speaking up about the government and society itself. I strongly advise you to watch this series; it is superior to any other series, not only those in the BL category!

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One thought on “BL ‘NOT ME’ Review

  1. The first 7 episodes were too slow and then when we were almost running out of time, that’s when they tried to fix everything and that did not work for me at all. I had really high expectations for it but only ended up enjoying only 2 episodes so that was really disappointing to me

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