KinnPorsche will change the history and future of all BLs!

KinnPorsche is a Thai BL drama set to premiere on the 2nd of April, 2022. It will air every Saturday on GMM One and iQiyi. It portrays the story of Kinn Anakinn, the second son of the Mafia, and his encounter with Porsche Pitchaya, a young student.


After running away from an enemy attack, Kinn meets Porsche. Kinn offers money to Porsche, but in return asks him to protect him. Porsche, who has been a nationwide judo winner and also has the finest martial arts degree, agrees to help Kinn flee. Kinn wishes to enlist Porsche as his personal guard because of his impressive offensive skills.

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Kinn, who will go to any length to achieve what he desired, was denied by Porsche. He seemed to have no alternative except to comply because of being terrified by Kinn’s adversaries and Kinn himself. Porsche didn’t want to become a member of this hazardous society as he was worried his lovely brother, Porché Pitchaya, would’ve been harmed. Porsche agrees to Kinn’s ludicrous terms and moved in with him.

Porsche still is dealing with a dilemma, as well as some highly unforeseen happenings. Furthermore, their closeness to Kinn causes a tumultuous emotion in their souls that begins to tremble and turn into love. That route would not be simple due to the various difficulties that would arise to put their relationship to the test – he has to be strong enough to withstand all of the challenges he will confront.


KinnPorsche has been trending for the past one year. Fans have been eagerly waiting for what is in store for them. The original story explores various untouched topics such as bisexuality, BDSM, the inner confusion a person goes through when his everyday life suddenly shifts pace and exploring one’s own sexuality. If the live action follows the novel, this BL will surely be a revolutionary series that will change everything that is in store for us.


You can check out the latest trailer below!

Are you looking forward to this series? Stay tuned for more!


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