Bright, Win, Nanon, and Ohm Talks About Thai BL Popularity

In these recent years, Thai BL (Boys Love) has been taking over the world. The love that these series receive for just being themselves is not gender lining the content is what made them popular. Gay content is already been popular but the start of normalizing this started via these dramas which were aired inContinue reading “Bright, Win, Nanon, and Ohm Talks About Thai BL Popularity”


AIR DAY: SATURDAY AIR TIME: DEC 19 2021- APRIL 9 2022 AIRING CHANNEL: GMMTV Plot Gorya is a simple young woman who works at a flower shop. She passes an exam and is accepted into a prominent and lavish school for the rich. The school is dominated by the F4, an exclusive group of fourContinue reading ““BOYS OVER FLOWERS”-THAILAND REVIEW”

Congrats Win From 2gether The Series For 12M IG Followers

Popular Thai BL actor Win is well known in this industry for his cute charms. His first BL was 2gether The Series in which he performed the role of ‘Tine’. The Drama got very popular; leading to Still 2gether and 2gether The Movie being made. Win got international fame after his popular drama. This gotContinue reading “Congrats Win From 2gether The Series For 12M IG Followers”