• AIR TIME: DEC 19 2021- APRIL 9 2022


Gorya is a simple young woman who works at a flower shop. She passes an exam and is accepted into a prominent and lavish school for the rich. The school is dominated by the F4, an exclusive group of four affluent, attractive, and pampered lads. Gorya is the only one who stands up to their bullying, which impresses all of the males, particularly Thyme, the group’s leader. Thyme is almost immediately charmed with Gorya and romantically pursues her, but she rejects him based on initial impressions. She instead falls in love with his closest buddy Ren, but Ren is still in love with his childhood sweetheart Mira. In the midst of the bustle of school, Gorya can’t help but fall for Thyme because of his kindness to her and her family, as well as the transformation of his personality.



Episode 16: Cuts



F4 Thailand is a contemporary version that appears to fill out the main male protagonist Thyme more thoroughly. Fast-paced, extremely efficient, and great story-telling (makes really good use of social media technology to advance the plots- an excellent update from the previous version). Great cast, amazing images, excellent performance, and a great production value.


Author’s Thought

With all due respect, I’ve seen most Thai dramas with abusive, arrogant ML relationships go horribly wrong, with forced kisses and everything, and BOF had this narrative as well, but F4 THAILAND handled everything right with this masterpiece. While the Chinese version used more innovation to increase the number of episodes, the South Korean version displayed extra depth and several cringe-worthy moments.


The Thai version condensed it to 16 episodes, with each episode serving as a standalone plot. It took all of the novel’s highlights, such as the kick, bullying, necklace, engagement, and amnesia, and woven them into a modern epic full of technology, love, and friendship. Every every minute is useful and appealing. Yes, it provided a true relationship between Gorya and Ren as well as a secret narrative of IRIS (MJ who is always left alone for no good reason).
The intricacies in Thyme’s character simply demonstrate that he has evolved and is no longer like his former self. Furthermore, rather than simply ignoring his old self, he confronts it and reconciles with anybody he has treated unfairly.


BRIGHT as Thyme, with a big frame and a youthful heart. Thank goodness he didn’t have a certain hairdo, but he did have the distinguishing attribute of pronouncing erroneous phrases, which was ideal for the role. In each episode, his innocence is revealed until we witness how his mother wrecked him. BRIGHT had done a wonderful job of being arrogant, cute, bashful, nice, snobbish, and supercilious all at the same time.
TU TANTAWAN as Gorya had a positive impression on everyone. She resembled F4’s unnamed leader. TU is a god-send when it comes to playing Gorya. She is not shown as a weak person, but rather as a powerful but sympathetic one. She’s going to be my favourite FL from all of the prior iterations.


DEW as Ren, the individual who may be affected by the SML disorder. But it was only because of sincere friendship that it was rescued. He basically acted with his eyes and his grin. I took a few moments to admire his grin.
WIN as Kavin, who did not appear to be a playboy. But Kavin’s character claims to be, and I believe he required some more appeal because he always maintained a frigid look.
This fourth member, NANI as MJ, had no story, but the Thai version covertly constructed one for him. MJ’s long hair, riding a bike, and wearing leather jackets demonstrate his badass mafia persona.
PRIM as Kaning was stunning, and I like her modest laced hairdo throughout. She is a confident and helpful friend who knows exactly what she wants.


Lita, Mira, Hana, Tia, and Roselyn exemplified a strong and powerful female lineage. And none of them could be despised for their characteristics while being praised for their believable performances.
Talay, Phupha, and Uncle Ga were also fantastic.

Let us know your thoughts down below on this series!


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