Yuusha, Yamemasu: Recap/Review

  • TYPE: TV
  • RELEASE DATE: 5th APRIL, 2022
  • EPISODES: 12
  • WHERE TO WATCH: AniPlus, Ani-One Asia

Synopsis: Leo Demonhart doesn’t really receive a hero’s status after saving the world from the disgraceful Demon King. People he tried to protect, on the other hand, see him with distrust and disdain. Banished Leo pursues a job in the military of his former foe, despite being seen as an outcast with nowhere else to go! But the army isn’t what it was like before Leo’s victory, so Leo will have to bring the troops back into prime condition if he wants to keep his new role.



Recap of Episode 1: In Episode 1, we see Leo going back to the Demon King Echidna after hearing about job vacancies in her military forces. However, she rejects him with great force! However, Leo doesn’t lose hope even after the harsh rejection. He approaches the 4 generals of the Demon Queen: Lili, Steina, Melnes, and Edwald. He begs on his knees for them to listen to his presentation. Leo presents the pros of having him in their army. However, Steina starts becoming skeptical and asks him why does he want to join the Demon Queen’s army. Leo explains how he was banished from the kingdom he did everything for. Feeling pity for him, all 4 generals take him in on a one-month trial period. Leo has to prove his worth this month, however, he has to make sure that Echidna doesn’t realize this agreement!


Writer’s Opinion:
I’ve always been a huge fan of isekai genre and the whole troupe of Hero and the Maou falling in love. Overall, I liked the first episode. Though the plot is repetitive, the characters are a breath of fresh air. At least, all the four generals are not girls (I’m sick of all the harem isekai mangas and animes!). I can’t say I have high hopes for this one, however, it will be a fun watch that I’m sure I won’t tune in to very soon after the series is over.


Did you enjoy the first episode? You can watch it here:


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