Top 5 Kdramas Of Seo Yea-Ji!

Seo Yea Ji is a South Korean actress and model managed by Gold Medalist Entertainment. She debuted in the entertainment sector in March 2013, when she appeared in a commercial for SK Telecommunications. She starred in the Samsung Galaxy S4 short movie ‘Love’ in May 2013. In the tvN comedy series “Potato Star 2013QR3,” sheContinue reading “Top 5 Kdramas Of Seo Yea-Ji!”

Seo Yea Ji was reported in a parking dispute with her neighbors!

As per allegations from a news organization on March 3, starlet Seo Ye Ji (31) is receiving backlash publicly as a result of a feud involving her parents’ neighbors. An unidentified internet user purported to be neighbors with Seo Ye Ji’s parents and wrote a detailed article documenting various occurrences among them and Seo YeContinue reading “Seo Yea Ji was reported in a parking dispute with her neighbors!”