Yume De Mitta Ano Ko No Tame Ni Enters Its Final Arc!

“Yume de Mita Ano Ko no Tame ni” (For the kid I saw in my dreams) is a Japanese psychological manga series illustrated by the creator of “Erased” Kei Sanbe. The English release of this manga is handled by Yen Press. PLOT: Senri and Kazuto Nakajou, five-year-old twins who grew up in a violent residence,Continue reading “Yume De Mitta Ano Ko No Tame Ni Enters Its Final Arc!”

Toge Toge Manga To End In The Next Issue!

Toge Toge is a Japanese action Supernatural manga series by Kenta Tsuchida. The first chapter was released on the 25th of May, 2021. PLOT: The strength of a person is determined by their horns. Our protagonist here is nearing his death bed. He has grown a horn that only he can see. However, every timeContinue reading “Toge Toge Manga To End In The Next Issue!”

Shinryuu Idea Vol. 3 Announced!

Shinryuu Idea (神龍イデア) is an ongoing Japanese action fantasy seinen manga series written by Hitori Renda. It was published on the 17th of September 2022 and has been serialized under Young Magazine. PLOT: This fantasy manga foretells the story about a world ruled by cruelty. A boy with crippled feet is tasked to change itContinue reading “Shinryuu Idea Vol. 3 Announced!”

New GL One-shot Announced!

In the latest Cocohana issue a new one-shot, Yuri GL was announced. Nanae Haruno is a well-known manga artist for her amazing mangas like Pietà, Chimney Kan no Himitsu, Papa Told Me, and many more. The new Girl’s Love GL Manga is named “Hyacinth Blue” which is going to be by Nanae Haruno. “Hyacinth Blue”Continue reading “New GL One-shot Announced!”

New Chinese Court Romance Manga Announced!

Ebira Hiromi is a well-known manga artist with many popular mangas like Akira, Yakusoku no Neverland, Sankarea, and many more. In the latest Monthly Flowers issue 5/2022 Ebira Hiromi’s new Chinese court romance manga was announced. The manga is named ‘Kouyoukoku Koukyuutan”. The debut color page of the new Manga is out! Volume 1 ofContinue reading “New Chinese Court Romance Manga Announced!”

‘Maku Ga Oritara Bokura Wa Tsugai’ Reaches New Record!

Same Zarame’s recent manga ‘Maku Ga Oritara Bokura Wa Tsugai’ reached a new record of copies. Liar Game, Blame!, New Game! and much popular manga has been published by Same Zarame. Their new manga ‘Maku Ga Oritara Bokura Wa Tsugai’ reached its peak with 1,00,000 copies.

New Upcoming BL Manga ‘Underdog Puppy Love’

Even tho mangas have been popular for a long time, BL mangas are at their peak popularity. BL section gets the most out of different genres like Omega Verse, Yaoi, Yuri, and many more. Romeo Sado is coming with a new manga genre Yaoi. It’s been a while since Romeo Sado has published a newContinue reading “New Upcoming BL Manga ‘Underdog Puppy Love’”

Goblin Slayer S2 Teaser Visual Out!

Goblin Slayer is a fantasy anime adapted from light novels in which goblin hunter goes on a quest to hunt the evil goblins that want to destroy the land. While going to do so many started to join his journey to save the land. A new teaser visual was released today! Are you excited for seasonContinue reading “Goblin Slayer S2 Teaser Visual Out!”

Getsuyoubi No Tawawa- Vol. 4 Regular And Blue Ink Edition Cover Images!

Getsuyoubi No Tawawa (月曜日のたわわ) is a Japanese Slice of Life Ecchi manga series. There is also an anime adaptation of this series. It aired from October 10, 2016 to December 26, 2016. It has 12 episodes in total, each episode 4 minutes long. It was animated under Pine Jam Studios. The anime and manga haveContinue reading “Getsuyoubi No Tawawa- Vol. 4 Regular And Blue Ink Edition Cover Images!”

Raise WA Tanin Ga Ii Vol. 7 Announced!

Raise wa tanin ga ii (来世は他人がいい) is a Yakuza Romance manga written and illustrated by Asuka Konishi. It was published on the 25th of August, 2017 by afternoon. Raise wa Tanin ga Ii shows Yoshino or her fresh start in Tokyo, which is full of problems related to the underworld. Despite her desire to beContinue reading “Raise WA Tanin Ga Ii Vol. 7 Announced!”