Chinese Remake Of ‘I’m Not A Robot’- Cast + Premiere Date Announced!

Chinese drama fans, Great News! We are getting a remake of “I’m Not a Robot” Drama in Chinese! The drama is titled ‘A Robot in the Orange Orchard’ (你好呀我的橘子恋人). The cast of the cdrama is:

  • Connor Leong as Lu Kun
  • Sun Qian as Yang Shan Shan
  • Zhu Yun Hui as Kang Li Er
  • Cheng Ye Qing as Pai Song
  • Wang Fang as Fu Yang
  • Wang Ce as Li Jing Cheng

The story of this drama is almost as same as the Korean drama.

The director of the ’emu’ technology company, Lu Kun, has a rare medical condition. When he comes into contact with another person, he has an allergic response. Dr. Bo Yang, a brilliant scientist, covertly invented the intelligent helper robot “Friday.” Dr. Fu Yang had been forced to employ his former associate Yang Shan Shan to substitute “Friday” at the very last moment. Lu Kun felt relaxed since Yang Shan Shan was playing “Friday.” He discovered that just as long as “Friday” is available, he can make contact with humans without becoming allergic. This revelation cemented his attachment to “Friday.” Yang Shan Shan’s heart was progressively broken by Lu Kun’s comfort, pureness, and love for “Friday.”


Yang Shan Shan would have to suppress the truth of not being a robot because he had been afraid that deceit would aggravate or even kill Lu Kun. Li Jing Cheng, Lu Kun’s competitor, covertly explored and found that Lu Kun was functioning on a robotics venture. Li Jing Cheng also learned about “Friday.” Simultaneously, the reality about the car accident that happened more than ten years ago reemerged.

The premiere date of the drama is announced as well! On March 28, the drama will start airing on Youku. The drama will have a total of 24 episodes and every episode will be 40 minutes long.

Source: Weibo


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