Under The Oak Tree- Bestseller on Amazon!

Under the Oak Tree is a romance fantasy Manhwa licensed under Manta Comics. It is written and illustrated by Namu, Seomal, P and Kim Suji. The chapters of the manhwa are released every 10th, 20th and 30th of the month.

The manhwa follows the story of Maximilian, a stammering lady, who has been forced into marrying Sir Riftan. However he departs on a battle the night after their marriage ceremony. He victoriously comes back three years later, prepared to treasure her. Every fairy tale concludes with a bride and groom and a happily-ever-after. Their story of love did not begin with such a wedding, which makes this manhwa more unique and heart warming.

Manta Comics few minutes ago shared on their official Instagram ID that Under the Oak Tree has become the bestseller on Amazon! It has ranked first under three categories:

• #1 in Sword and Sorcery Fantasy ebooks

• #1 in Sword and Sorcery Fantasy books

• #1 in Epic Fantasy (Kindle Store)

Congratulations to the creators! To check out the Manhwa, you can click here.

Published by Shejal Thomas

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