Jeon Jungkook or Jungkookie, who do you prefer?

Is there anything BTS’s Jungkook can’t achieve in this world? No, I don’t think so. Brilliant dancer, owner of an angelic, versatile, and strong voice, an eye for filmmaking and photography and a passion for impressions, skilled in sketching, bowling, archery, video editing, songwriting, and the list could go on and on to cover this page. The Golden Maknae — a term he acquired for a reason — has grown to be interested in new things daily, and his fashion style has become one of them with time, but more than following trends, he’s established his style, which is now extremely identifiable.

From his debut to the present, he’s experimented with a variety of styles and designated some pieces as Jungkook’s fashion statements, leaving us with classic clothes we’ll never forget. Here’s Jungkook looking adorable, as well as our Golden Maknae ehm.. looking hot. 

Jungkook’s Cutesy Look:

This is something we’ll never forget. Jungkook’s adorable side shines out here, however, he still manages to make it appear cool. The overall polo-shirt-round-glasses combination is flawless, and when you add the yellow converse and some forehead exposure to the mix, you have a recipe for aegyo-success.

Jungkook’s Sexy Look:

Is it the leather harness, chains, red hair, silk shirt, leather leggings, or transparent sleeves? All of the above, most likely. So many aspects were flawlessly matched on stage to display a hotter side of Jungkook’s style, and it was such a manner to blow everyone’s thoughts away.

Do you guys have any of Jungkook’s Favourite looks. If yes, please do comment down below.


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