Xin Zhilei’s mesmerizing look for L’Oreal

Xin Zhilei is a veteran Chinese actress who is known for her roles in the films Bunshinsaba 2, Crosscurrent, and Brotherhood of Blades II: The Infernal Battlefield. She is also well known for playing the main role in dramas Wang Dahua Revolutionary Career, I Am a Superstar, Win the Future, Over the Sea, I ComeContinue reading “Xin Zhilei’s mesmerizing look for L’Oreal”

Happy 26th Birthday Chen Muchi!

Chen Muchi, also known as Luke, is a rising star in the cdrama industry. He is well known for his role as the third prince Chao Feng in the series The Starry Love, for which he received a lot of praise. Chen is currently preparing for his upcoming much-awaited Chinese BL drama Guardians of theContinue reading “Happy 26th Birthday Chen Muchi!”

Zhang Tian’ai’s stunning Harper look!

Zhang Tian’ai, globally known as Crystal Zhang, is a veteran Chinese actress and model who made her breakout in the industry through the popular web drama Go Princess Go. In 2009, Zhang starred in the Korean short film Cherry Blossom alongside well-known actor Kim Soo Hyun. She continued to appear in minor supporting roles afterContinue reading “Zhang Tian’ai’s stunning Harper look!”

Xu Kai’s team shares birthday snaps

Xu Kai, also known as Soso, is a Chinese actor and model who made his acting debut in 2016. His most notable works are ‘Story of Yanxi Palace and The Legends’. Soso also starred in a military series called “Arsenal Military Academy”, which helped him win the Best Actor award at the Hengdian Film andContinue reading “Xu Kai’s team shares birthday snaps”

New modern Cdrama in making!

Missing you (很想很想你 / Hen Xiang Hen Xiang Ni) is an upcoming Cdrama starring Tan Jianci and Zhou Ye. The drama is set to be broadcasted on Tencent and will have 35 episodes. PLOT: A university student with an alternate online identity of “Sheng Sheng Man” does music for the historical genre. Although she isContinue reading “New modern Cdrama in making!”

Jackson Wang Turns 28 Today; Happy Birthday To You!

Jackson Wang is an active member of former K-pop group GOT7. He is also a soloist under his own company called Team Wang Records. He was an athlete who won the 11th spot in the fencing 2010  Youth Olympics. He is very famous in China as he hosts famous television programs. Let us see howContinue reading “Jackson Wang Turns 28 Today; Happy Birthday To You!”

Great Miss D Chinese Drama Ep 1 premiered last night!

Great Miss D (了不起的D小姐 / Liao Bu Qi De D Xiao Jie) is a Chinese drama starring Zhang Jingyi and Niu Jun Feng. It will have 12 episodes that will air every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It will premiere from March 18, 2022, to March 27, 2022. The duration of every episode will be 45Continue reading “Great Miss D Chinese Drama Ep 1 premiered last night!”