Trigun Stampede Climax visuals out!

Trigun Stampede is a recent rebooy of the original animated series based on the manga Trigun by Yasuhiro Nightow. Its first episode was released on 7 January 2023. It has, as of now, 9 released episodes. The 10th episode is scheduled to be released on the 11th of March, 2023. PLOT On Noman’s Land, reportersContinue reading “Trigun Stampede Climax visuals out!”

New Isekai Anime Announced!

Isekai animes have been trending all around the globe due to their unique plots and quirky names and characters. Today, another light novel has joined the list of anime adaptations. Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for my Retirement anime has been announced and it is scheduled for January 2023! Synopsis: One day, Mitsuha fallsContinue reading “New Isekai Anime Announced!”

Shikimori San Is Not Just A Cutie: Episode 3 Stills!

Shikimori is not just a cutie (可愛いだけじゃない式守さん) is a rom-com manga series by Keigo Maki. It’s was serialised under Magazine pocket on the 2nd of February 2019. The anime adaptation of this manga is scheduled for the 9th of April, 2022. PLOT: Izumi is a high schooler who’s had a string of misfortunes. He had always returnedContinue reading “Shikimori San Is Not Just A Cutie: Episode 3 Stills!”

Blue Lock Anime New Character Visuals!

Blue Lock (ブルーロック) has been on the minds of all otakus because of its amazing manga plot. The anime is scheduled for this year, however, the exact date has not been released yet. 8bit studios will be looking after the animation of this series. PLOT: After evaluating the specific condition of Japanese soccer, the JapaneseContinue reading “Blue Lock Anime New Character Visuals!”

In The Heart Of Kunoichi Tsubaki To Have 13 Episodes!

In the heart of kunoichi tsubaki (くノ一ツバキの胸の内) is an upcoming comedy shounen anime based on the manga of the same name. It is scheduled to air today that is the 10th of April. It is produced by Aniplex and is under Cloverworks studio. PLOT: The isolated Akane Clan, made up of an all-girls body primarilyContinue reading “In The Heart Of Kunoichi Tsubaki To Have 13 Episodes!”

4-nin wa Sorezore Uso wo Tsuku To Receive Anime Adaptation!

4-nin wa Sorezore Uso wo Tsuku (4人はそれぞれウソをつく) is a comedy slice of life manga. It is written and illustrated by Kashihara Madoka . It is the only manga illustrated by this mangaka. The manga follows the the story of four friends who each have a secret they cannot share with one another. “4-nin wa SorezoreContinue reading “4-nin wa Sorezore Uso wo Tsuku To Receive Anime Adaptation!”

The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie PV Out+ Release Date Announced!

The Quintessential Quintuplets (五等分の花嫁∬/ Gotoubun no Hanayome) is a Japanese Rom-Com Manga series. The anime adaptation of the manga was released on January 8th, 2021. There were two seasons released. PLOT: A unfortunate, straight A student is recruited to mentor a set of wealthy quintuplets. The story is written in the form of a memoirContinue reading “The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie PV Out+ Release Date Announced!”

Black Summoner Trailer Out!

Black Summoner (黒の召喚士 / Kuro No Koukanshi) is a Japanese light novel series that has a manga adaptation of the same name. The anime adaptation of this series is scheduled to release this July! PLOT: The drapes of Kelvin’s narrative upswing as he loses his memories as remuneration for being transferred to some other world.Continue reading “Black Summoner Trailer Out!”

Dr. Stone: Rysui Teaser Visuals Out!

Dr. Stone Rysui’s premiere was announced on AnimeJapan’s 2022 event. The anime special will air on Tokyo MX and SB11. It is scheduled to air in July 2022. The special will take place after the second season and will revolve around Ryusui. Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine previously confirmed earlier in the month that evenContinue reading “Dr. Stone: Rysui Teaser Visuals Out!”

The Rising Of The Shield Hero: New Key Visual And 3rd Trailer Out!

The Rising of the Shield Hero (盾の勇者の成り上がり/ Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari) is an isekai fantasy anime based on the light novel that goes by the same name. Season one of the anime had 25 episodes that aired from January 9, 2019 to June 26, 2019. The anime follows the story of the Four Cardinal HeroesContinue reading “The Rising Of The Shield Hero: New Key Visual And 3rd Trailer Out!”