Bubble Anime New Key Visuals!

Bubble (バブル) has been trending among otakus as one of the most awaited movies due to its beautiful color scheme and amazing animation. It is set to be aired on the 28th of April, 2022 on Netflix. Bubble had an early screening at Berlin Film Festival on the 10th of February, 2022. It is producedContinue reading “Bubble Anime New Key Visuals!”

Vampire In The Garden: Key Visuals + Official Trailer Out!

Vampire In The Garden (ヴァンパイヤ・イン・ザ・ガーデン) is an Anime series promised to premiere on Netflix. It will be animated under Wit Studios. There are speculations on it being either Shoujo Ai or Yuri. PLOT: Vampires and humans before coexisted peacefully. Now, a young girl and a vampire queen will set out to find Paradise yet again.Continue reading “Vampire In The Garden: Key Visuals + Official Trailer Out!”

Baki The Grappler season 2 Confirmed!

Baki The Grappler, also known as Grappler Baki (バキ) is a Action Martial Arts anime based on the manga of the same name. It aired from June 25, 2018 to December 17, 2018. It was licensed under Sentai Filmworks and was animated under TMS Entertainment Studio. It was rated R 17+ due to presence ofContinue reading “Baki The Grappler season 2 Confirmed!”

Netflix To Stream One Piece Z – Mark The Date!

Fans of One Piece! Prepare to celebrate, because one of your favourite movies from this legendary animated series will be available on Netflix quite soon! One Piece Film: Z is set to join Netflix’ lineup in a few weeks. One Piece Film: Z Netflix release date Save the date: One Piece Film: Z will beContinue reading “Netflix To Stream One Piece Z – Mark The Date!”

Kengan Ashura Season 2 Confirmed!

Kengan Ashura (ケンガンアシュラ) is a Japanese Action Martial Arts anime based on the web manga of the same name. The first episode aired on the 13th of July, 2019. It was licensed under Polycan USA. It had 12 episodes in total, and was rated R 17+ because of violence and profanity. PLOT: Ouma Tokita, alsoContinue reading “Kengan Ashura Season 2 Confirmed!”

Shikimori is not just a cutie- teaser visual out!

Shikimori is not just a cutie (可愛いだけじゃない式守さん) is a rom-com manga series by Keigo Maki. It’s was serialised under Magazine pocket on the 2nd of February 2019. The anime adaptation of this manga is scheduled for the 9th of April, 2022. PLOT Izumi is a high schooler who’s had a string of misfortunes. He hadContinue reading “Shikimori is not just a cutie- teaser visual out!”

Tomodachi Game PV out!

Tomodachi Game (トモダチゲーム) is a Japanese psychological Manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Satou and Yamaguchi Mikoto. It was published on the 9th of December 2013 in Bessatsu Shounen Magazine. SYNOPSIS: Yuuichi Katagiri has struggled with financial difficulties his entire life, but he has understood to be satisfied and optimistic thanks to his groupContinue reading “Tomodachi Game PV out!”

Requiem of the Rose King Anime’s Preview Out!

As the families of York and Lancaster strive for the crown, the Wars of the Roses engulf medieval England. Richard is just the Duke of York’s third son and the heir to the throne.
Richard only wants it to happen, but his naive desire will thrust England deeper into the midst of the conflict. Nevertheless, Richard is fighting a much more brutal crusade.