GMMTV Releses ‘OhmNanonUpvel’ EP.2

OhmNanonUpvel is a series uploaded by GMMTV on YouTube. Ohm and Nanon actors from the Thai BL series ‘Bad Buddy’ are the main focus of this. For episode 2 Ohm and Nanon will be having an MMA-style Cage Boxing fight. Both of them have to get their bodies and minds ready because they’re going toContinue reading “GMMTV Releses ‘OhmNanonUpvel’ EP.2”

Bright, Win, Nanon, and Ohm Talks About Thai BL Popularity

In these recent years, Thai BL (Boys Love) has been taking over the world. The love that these series receive for just being themselves is not gender lining the content is what made them popular. Gay content is already been popular but the start of normalizing this started via these dramas which were aired inContinue reading “Bright, Win, Nanon, and Ohm Talks About Thai BL Popularity”

Thai BL Actors Gulf, Bright, Nanon & Ohm Played Soccer Together

Thai BL actors like Nanoon and Ohm from Bad Buddy, Gulf from Tharn Type, Bright from 2gether The series got together to play soccer. On 5 April, Gulf uploaded photos of them playing soccer together with a caption of soccer ball emoji. Thai BL actors got in one place who play sports. What else doesContinue reading “Thai BL Actors Gulf, Bright, Nanon & Ohm Played Soccer Together”

Nanon Korapat At A Marvel Event For Promotion

Nanon Korapat is a famous Thai actor. He is well known for his role in popular BL series such as Bad Buddy, The Gifted, Blacklist, and many more. He’s character Pran in new series Bad Buddy a novel adaption BL series got all the fame he always deserved. Nanon has always been a Marvel fanContinue reading “Nanon Korapat At A Marvel Event For Promotion”