Be Reborn New Stills Out!

Be Reborn (重生之门) is an upcoming suspense Chinese drama by Youku. The drama will have 24 episodes in total, each episode 45 minutes long. PLOT: While examining the theft of an antiquated painting, Luo Jian, the chief of the criminal inspection team, meets genius college student Zhuang Wenjie, who comes from a family of thieves.Continue reading “Be Reborn New Stills Out!”

The Fallen Bridge- New Suspense Film Releases Stills!

The Fallen Bridge (断桥 / Xanadu / Broken Bridge / Duan Qiao) is an upcoming revenge crime drama Chinese movie. Ma Si Chun and Wang Jun Kai (Karry Wang) will be starring in the movie. PLOT: When the Zhongnan Bridge collapses unexpectedly, a human skeleton arises from the bridge pier. Wen Xiao Yu, the deceased’sContinue reading “The Fallen Bridge- New Suspense Film Releases Stills!”