New Thai GL ‘Gap The Series’ Releases Teasers

Gap The Series is a Thai GL (Girls Love) released by Idol Factory on YouTube. It is an adaptation from the novel “GAP” by Devil Planoy. The story is about 2 girls ‘Mon’ played by Becky Armstrong and ‘Sam’ played by Freen Sarocha Chankimha. Sam is actually a well know rich girl in Thailand. SheContinue reading “New Thai GL ‘Gap The Series’ Releases Teasers”

New GL One-shot Announced!

In the latest Cocohana issue a new one-shot, Yuri GL was announced. Nanae Haruno is a well-known manga artist for her amazing mangas like Pietà, Chimney Kan no Himitsu, Papa Told Me, and many more. The new Girl’s Love GL Manga is named “Hyacinth Blue” which is going to be by Nanae Haruno. “Hyacinth Blue”Continue reading “New GL One-shot Announced!”

New Chinese Court Romance Manga Announced!

Ebira Hiromi is a well-known manga artist with many popular mangas like Akira, Yakusoku no Neverland, Sankarea, and many more. In the latest Monthly Flowers issue 5/2022 Ebira Hiromi’s new Chinese court romance manga was announced. The manga is named ‘Kouyoukoku Koukyuutan”. The debut color page of the new Manga is out! Volume 1 ofContinue reading “New Chinese Court Romance Manga Announced!”

‘Maku Ga Oritara Bokura Wa Tsugai’ Reaches New Record!

Same Zarame’s recent manga ‘Maku Ga Oritara Bokura Wa Tsugai’ reached a new record of copies. Liar Game, Blame!, New Game! and much popular manga has been published by Same Zarame. Their new manga ‘Maku Ga Oritara Bokura Wa Tsugai’ reached its peak with 1,00,000 copies.