BL Manga 25-ji Akasake De Reaches New Achievement!

25-ji Akasake de (25時、赤坂で) is an ongoing BL manga series by Natsuno Hiroko. It was released on 2018 by Sodensha and futekiya handles the English release kf this series. PLOT: After years of labouring in theatre, Yuki Shirasaki lands safely a major role in the TV drama Afternoon Dreams. Shirasaki co-stars with talented actor AsamiContinue reading “BL Manga 25-ji Akasake De Reaches New Achievement!”

Star and Sky: Star In My Mind Release Dates announced!

Star and Sky: Star In My Mind (Star and Sky : แล้วแต่ดาว Star in My Mind | ขั้วฟ้าของผม Sky in Your Heart) is an upcoming Thai BL drama. It portrays two love stories, and talks about the two sides of love. The series is based on the two novels แล้วแต่ดาว & ขั้วฟ้าของผม by Peachhplease STAR:Continue reading “Star and Sky: Star In My Mind Release Dates announced!”

BL Koimonogatari to resume publication!

Koimonogatari (こいものがたり / Love Stories) is a Japanese Romance Drama BL manga series by Tagura Tohru. It was published on the 22nd of May, 2013 under RuTile publications. PLOT Yuiji Hasegawa speculates his kind but silent classmate, Yamato Yoshinaga, must have feelings for his straight best mate, Kyousuke Hongou, towards the spring of their highContinue reading “BL Koimonogatari to resume publication!”

Leo of VIXX to star in a BL!

Leo of VIXX is famous worldwide for his beautiful visuals, charismatic voice and amazing acting skills. Leo has starred in various musicals such as Full House, Frankenstein and many more. It has been declared Leo is going to star in the coming Korean BL drama Happy Ending Outside The Fence (펜스 밖은 해피엔딩). Many fansContinue reading “Leo of VIXX to star in a BL!”