B.I. Official Light Stick: Teaser Image Out!

B.I., who has been making our hearts shudder, is once again giving his fans a pleasant surprise! B.I. is a well-known Kpop soloist who was the former leader and member of the Kpop boy group iKon. He has been acting as a sensation since his last hit song BTBT. Now, once again he is goingContinue reading “B.I. Official Light Stick: Teaser Image Out!”

Ikon Is Coming Out With Their Own Entertainment Show

Ikon is a popular K-pop boy group under YG Entertainment which consists of 6 members: Bobby, Jinhwa, Song Yunhyeong, Koo Jun-hoe, Jung Chan-woo, Kim Donghyuk. B.I was a former member of the group who had to leave due to a controversy. The group was formed by a survival show called Win and Mix & Match.Continue reading “Ikon Is Coming Out With Their Own Entertainment Show”