Actor Earth and Mix New Thai BL ‘Moonlight Chicken’

Earth “Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri” Mix “Mix Sahaphap Wongratch” is a well-known couple in Thai BL (Boys Love). Both have been stared in many BL’s as per their popularity of acting together. Their recent BL Drama ‘Cupid’s Last Wish’ has already made headlines. ‘Moonlight Chicken’ is the new BL in which Earth and Mix are goingContinue reading “Actor Earth and Mix New Thai BL ‘Moonlight Chicken’”

Kissable Lips Actor’s New Images Of The Film

Kissable Lips is a Korean BL (Boys Love) aired in Feb 2022. The Drama received good feedback which made the producers make a movie out of it. The story is about a Vampire Jun Ho played by Kim Ji Woong and a human Min Hyun played by Yoon Seo Bin. The movie includes the sameContinue reading “Kissable Lips Actor’s New Images Of The Film”

New Poster Relesed For Thai Bl ‘Triage’

Triage is the new Thai BL that will be released on 18 April. It is adapted from the novel “Triage” ทริอาช by Sammon Scene. The story is about Dr.Tin acted by Tae Darvid Kreepolrerk ดาวิชญ์ กรีพลฤกษ์ and Tol played by Tee Thanapon Jarujitranon ธนพล จารุจิตรานนท์. There is not much information about the BL. We justContinue reading “New Poster Relesed For Thai Bl ‘Triage’”

Thai BL Cutie Pie EP.9 Will Not Air On The Given Date

Cutie Pie is a Thai BL (Boys Love) series released on Mandee YouTube Channel. The story is about 2 guys Kuea Keerati (Nunew) and Hia Lian (Zee) who were arranged to get married in their childhood. Kuea Keerati has been in love with Hia Lian for a long time, But because Lian never showed any affection towardContinue reading “Thai BL Cutie Pie EP.9 Will Not Air On The Given Date”

Jessi New MV ‘ZOOM’ Teaser Out Now!

Jessi od Ho Hyun-Joo is a soloist and a Korean rapper from Pnation Entertainment. She is a well-known Kpop Idol, popular internationally known. Jessi is also an anchor on her own show hosted by her. The show is called ‘Jessi showterview’ on YouTube. After a long time jessi is back being a K-POP Idol asContinue reading “Jessi New MV ‘ZOOM’ Teaser Out Now!”

GMMTV Releses ‘OhmNanonUpvel’ EP.2

OhmNanonUpvel is a series uploaded by GMMTV on YouTube. Ohm and Nanon actors from the Thai BL series ‘Bad Buddy’ are the main focus of this. For episode 2 Ohm and Nanon will be having an MMA-style Cage Boxing fight. Both of them have to get their bodies and minds ready because they’re going toContinue reading “GMMTV Releses ‘OhmNanonUpvel’ EP.2”

Off & Gun For The Cover Of The Magazine Purple Pearls

OffGun the power couple is back with a new magazine shoot. Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat อรรถพันธ์ พูลสวัสดิ์ and Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn จุมพล อดุลกิตติพร are well-known actors from the series “Theory Of Love” in 2019. Theory Of Love receives the love from the fans in 2019 to this day. The couple gained popularity with this BL drama.Continue reading “Off & Gun For The Cover Of The Magazine Purple Pearls”

New Thai GL ‘Gap The Series’ Releases Teasers

Gap The Series is a Thai GL (Girls Love) released by Idol Factory on YouTube. It is an adaptation from the novel “GAP” by Devil Planoy. The story is about 2 girls ‘Mon’ played by Becky Armstrong and ‘Sam’ played by Freen Sarocha Chankimha. Sam is actually a well know rich girl in Thailand. SheContinue reading “New Thai GL ‘Gap The Series’ Releases Teasers”

How Porsche Is Going To Die In KinnPorsche The Series

Kinnporche is a Thai BL (Boys Love) series released on IQYI App. The series is a novel adaptation of the same name. The story is about Porche (Nattawin Wattanagitiphat) who got into a contract of being the bodyguard of Kinn (Phakphum Romsaithong). Kinn is the second son of his family gang mafia. On the other hand, PorsheContinue reading “How Porsche Is Going To Die In KinnPorsche The Series”

Bright, Win, Nanon, and Ohm Talks About Thai BL Popularity

In these recent years, Thai BL (Boys Love) has been taking over the world. The love that these series receive for just being themselves is not gender lining the content is what made them popular. Gay content is already been popular but the start of normalizing this started via these dramas which were aired inContinue reading “Bright, Win, Nanon, and Ohm Talks About Thai BL Popularity”