Ding Yuxi defends Zhao Lusi after assault videos surface!


In a video clip that surfaced over the internet, a netizen questioned whether this was Lusi’s “true nature.” Actress Zhao Lusi, in a recent viral video, can be seen jokingly, “inserting” an IV needle in her co-star Ding Yuxi’s arm to which he yelled, “you really pricked me”.


The video caused heated comments online as the pained expression on Ding Yuxi’s face seemed to be genuine. Thankfully, Ding Yuxi shut it down real quick, defending his The Romance of Tiger and Rose co-star. “I really was just faking it,” he explained.


Meanwhile, Zhao Lusi’s company has announced that lawsuits have been filed against accounts that have made defamatory remarks against the actress during the latest development of the story.


The warning issued in their statement also names specific accounts – which are mostly marketing accounts whose remarks they say negatively impacted her reputation. Unless they, too, would like to find themselves on the receiving end of a lawsuit, the company demanded they cease to publish falsehoods about her.

What are your views on it?


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