ASTRO Rocky To Leave The Group

Rocky has decided to leave both his company and his group ASTRO.


On the 28th of February, Fantagio released a statement that the group had finished their discussions regarding their contract renewal. During the discussion, Rocky, who was a part of the group for 7 years, ultimately decided not to renew his contract.


Cha Eun woo, Jin-jin, Moon Bin, and Yoon San-ha have resigned from their contracts. MJ, who is currently serving in the military, will hold discussions regarding his future plans after discharge, while Rocky’s resignation didn’t proceed.

ASTRO will henceforth proceed as a 5 member group. Fantagio stated:


“Members who are working with Fantagio will concentrate on unit and individual activities for the time being, and we will spare no effort in supporting their various activities.”


What are your views on this? Comment down below!


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