BTS Jungkook Has Been Followed On Instagram By the Global Director Of Calvin Klein


‘Jeon Jung kook’ is famously known for his sweet voice and is also a member of the Boy Band BTS ‘Bangtan Sonyeondan’. Jungkook has been in the limelight since his early days for his unexpected product selling strategy. Even tho he never intended to sell these products ARMY’s (BTS Fandom) saw his genuine reaction to the products he loves in his day-to-day life and started getting them for themselves.

Recently Cedric Murac who is the global creative director and the executive vice president of the well-known brand Calvin Klein which is a clothing brand has started following Jungkook on Instagram. It has been noticed that after this incident Cedric Murac has gained many new followers.


ARMY’s (BTS Fandom) have always been the one who supports every move the idol makes, so when the global creative director and the executive vice president surprisingly started following Jungkook on Instagram ARMY’s (BTS Fandom) started tweeting about it on Instagram and posting all the photos where he was wearing the brand Calvin Klein clothes. Calvin Klein the word and the hashtag are trending worldwide, in South Korea, the USA, and many more countries on Google rising topic after the global creative director and the executive vice president clicked follow on the Instagram account of Jungkook.


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