NCT Jaehyun Covered “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”


Kpop group NCT member Jaehyun the main vocalist of the group covered “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Frankie Valli. On October 29 the video for this cover was uploaded on the NCT YouTube channel named after the group’s name itself which is ‘NCT’.

The song is known to be one of the most romantic songs to ever exist i.e. from the album SOLO which was released in 1967. It won many awards including the famous Grammy award for the best male pop vocal performance. The song is of pop, rock, and R&B Soul genre which actually suits Jaehyun’s vibe as an artist. He has a soulful voice which gives this cover a different type of vibe to it.


Fans NCTzen or NCTizen (NCT Fandom Name) of NCT Jaehyun are going crazy considering Jaehyun has that type of deepest voice in the group. As kpop companies are known to be selective when coming to their idols doing different work than normally it was shocking for fans to receive this cover. Fans are especially thanking the company for giving such opportunities to the idol.


After the video was uploaded Jaehyun said to the fans on the app bubble:

“Jae here have a warm early winter everyone”

“I arranged the song with mingtion noona and that is how the cover got uploaded.”


Here’s the link to watch the video:


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