BTS Jin Uploaded His First Solo Single “The Astronuat”


Kim Seok Jin a.k.a. Jin is a well-known member of the popular South Korean Boyband BTS. Jin is the eldest member of the group BTS and is the vocalist and visual of the group.

On 28 October 2022 BTS’s eldest member Kim Seok Jin uploaded his first-ever solo, ‘ The Astronaut” which is in collaboration with American singer Coldplay. The video for the epic collaboration was added by Hybe Labels on their YouTube Channel.


In the music video, Jin is seen crash-landed on a planet, as it’s been some time since he has spent on this planet he explains himself with the lyrics about the time he is been drifted away from his actual being. He views the news on the television of something shiny falling from the sky he thinks it is time to be home and walks away in a black suit the same one he wore on the day he landed on this planet. He starts running towards the light after some time he sees a person wearing an astronaut outfit to which he sings to his heart about seeing a light in the darkness of the universe.


As this song is dedicated to his fans ARMY (BTS Fandom Name) there are many clips where he shows pushing the little girl’s cycle while aiming to make her learn on her own. Jin says that

‘When I’m with you there is no one else, I feel this way I never felt


When he reaches where the light is he starts remembering the time he spend with the little girl when she would mind him not being responsive enough to something but still loved him in her own space he views the little girl as someone who is heaven or a life with sparkles. He rethinks his decision of going home and starts running towards the little girls, for the first time he smiles while thinking there is a home where there is light referring to the little girl.

Here’s the link to the video:

Thumbnail photo: BTS Jin Instagram


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