Stray Kids Felix Viral TikTok Challenges

Stray Kids is a popular South Korean Boyband currently consisting of 8 members Lee Know, Bang Chan, Hyunjin, Changbin, Han, Seungmin, Felix, and I.N under JYP Entertainment. Woojin left the group due to personal circumstances and terminated his exclusive contract in October 2019. The group was formed by the survival show ‘I AM’ series called by their now group name ‘STRAY KIDS’ by JYP Entertainment.

Felix has been one of the idols who is consistently seen in the limelight of the fans who use TikTok regularly. He has been very active from the start of TikTok usage in the Kpop industry.


1) Felix with Zico ‘Freak’


It’s a collab dance challenge with the king of TikTok challenges Zico. As many of us remember the fiver of TikTok challenges started with Zico’s ‘Any Day challenge’. It’s amazing to see two viral artists collabing for a challenge.

Twitter went wild with the videos as this will be the first time both the artists collabing with each other. The song is “Freak’ by Zico himself and it’s a promotion TikTok which Felix participated in. Both are showing their dancing skills in the video, at the end of the video both started laughing as they kicked the camera which made the cameraman surprised.


2) Felix ‘Let’s Groove’


This was Felix’s first Viral Tiktok; it went so viral that other fans of the kpop groups started asking their idols to do the challenge. Fans of Stray Kids asked Felix to repeat the challenge many times as this was the time when Stray Kids were doing online fan meetings. Be it his personal Vlive or in a Live fans asked him to do the challenge with other members.

Let’s Groove was the one challenge kpop fans would never imagine any idol would do it. Surprisingly Felix was so happy even while doing the challenge that he did it several times when fans asked.


3) Chan shooting ‘Unhappy Filter’


Bangchan one of the member in the same group as Felix posted a video of Felix in a filter that was going viral at that time the filter was called ‘Unhappy’ because even if the person is laughing the filter made it look like the person was unhappy.

Confused Felix didn’t know what was going on as he was clicking a selfie when Bangchan suddenly started laughing because of the filter and was asking why was he so sad he repeatedly asked Bangchan if something was wrong.


4) Felix ‘Your Next Date’


All the Stray Kids fans went crazy when Felix uploaded a viral sticker challenge of Your Next Date which was a challenge where three options were given to a person for his next date. As the video started the three options that Felix got were Lunch, At a hotel, and Alone.

Felix went to a hotel and ate steak alone in a hotel room. This was shocking to the fans that an idol would actually do this but not to surprise Stray Kids was in a hotel at that time so it was not that difficult to shoot a video like that.


5) Felix’s ‘PopPopPop’


Twice member Nayeon was the first member in the group to have a solo album release considering Stray Kids are very close to the members of the group in Twice and both of the groups are in the same entertainment company it was memorable to watch Felix shoot the challenge.

Felix doing a girl group dance was common; he danced to the song ‘PopPopPop’ which was the lead song in the album released by Nayeon. 


As tik tok started getting the attention of the kpop industry many idols started doing tik tok challenges this gave fans different ways to look into their favorite idol. Fans love to see more of their favorite idols and they support them whenever there is a new thing. Tiktok not only got the attention of idols but also the company which made tik tok challenge a mainstream to connect with fans and the company started making their idols do group challenges whenever there was a new album.


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