Genshin Impacts Scaramouche Rumored To Be An Anemo Catalyst User

Scaramouche is one of the most eagerly awaited playable character of the world famous open world RPG game Genshin Impact. As a part of the Fatui Harbingers, The Balladeer, he shows up rarely but whenever he does, it is for sure that something evil or bad is going to happen.


Until recently, everyone was pretty sure about the fact that Scaramouche will be an electro catalyst user. However, merlin_impact on Twitter made a series of tweets about this Harbinger. The tweets have been supported by SaveYourPrimos, so it seems to be real.


Specifics involve information on his skills, banner, and playing design. His Elemental Skill has a nine-second cooldown, while his Burst has a 15-second cooldown and expenses 60 energy. He appears to combat in a similar manner to Heizou, employing more physical assaults despite having a catalyst weapon.


Scaramouche is expected to appear on a character banner alongside a new four-star Anemo user called Faruzan whenever he is launched. The banner is expected to arrive at about the same period the Harbinger shows up as a new boss.

Ultimately, according to the tweets, Scaramouche’s identity will be altered to Wanderer, supposedly as he is now traveling on his own. Childe did mention this information in his voiceover lines about all the other Fatui Harbingers.


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