Spanish CC Under Fire For Streaming Genshin Impact Beta 3.0!


An official Spanish content creator is under fire for streaming the Beta run of 3.0 on twitch.


Mordex, a well-known Genshin Impact streamer is now all over Twitter streaming the Beta test of Version 3.0 on twitch. The streamer is said to have a private server where he could test Version 3.0, however, he decided to stream it all live on twitch.


The whole community is perplexed by the stupidity this streamer has shown. According to sources, more than 2.8K people were watching the live stream. Other players are speculating whether Hoyoverse deliberately made him do this to hype up the release, or if was it a mistake made by the creator.


If the case is the latter, that content creator is in for some serious trouble for sure.

Source: @merlin_impact on Twitter.


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