Glory Of The Special Forces New Stills Out!

Glory of Special Forces (特战荣耀) is an ongoing Chinese military drama. It is adapted from the novel “Te Zhan Rong Yao” (特战荣耀) by Qing Hu Lang (青狐狼). It began airing on the 5th of April and will end on the 29th of April with 45 episodes in total. Yang Yang, Li Yi Tong, Jiang Lu Xia and Meng A Sai are starring in this drama.

PLOT: A coming-of-age tale about Yan Po Yue, a young fellow who excels at everything except continues to remain a lone wolf who does not fit into the squad. He has become a suitable member of the armed forces who fought along side his companions after enduring cruel coaching as well as complicated operations. Yan Po Yue emerges from a military family. At the start of the gaokao assessments, he applies for military academy in attempt to validate something to his dad. Yan Po Yue performs admirably during the fresh recruits’ assembly but fails to win the approval of his leader. He is assigned to the food preparation crew, which ultimately turned out to be quite a spot filled with people who have a hidden potential.

Before the release of the 34th episode, the stills were released making us all excited about what is in store for us! Yang Yang, Li Yitong, Meng Asai and Jiang Long are making our hearts pound with their amazing acting!

You can enjoy the drama on TencentVideo (paid) or YOUHUG MEDIA (free).

Source: Weibo


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