Na Ha Eun Joins SM Entertainment!!!

Na Ha Eun, also known as the “dancing baby” and for her multiple promotional appearances in ‘K-Pop Star’ season 4, and more, has joined SM Entertainment as a trainee.

Park Seong Ho, the current CEO of OneOn Entertainment, spoke with a media source in an exclusive interview. Na Ha Eun, who graduated from Kids’ Academy, has joined SM Entertainment as a trainee, according to an interview released on April 18th.

Netizens expressed their thoughts by saying, “She hasn’t updated her YouTube channel in three months, and now I know why. “She joined SM.”, “I’m looking forward to her debut.”, “She is skilled at dancing, therefore she may make her debut soon.”

“She’s a big fan of BoA, according to what I’ve heard. She’s a passionate fan.”

Congratulations to Ha Eun!!!


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