Cdrama Lady In Butcher’s House New Stills Out!

The Lady In Butcher’s House (玉面桃花总相逢) is an ongoing historical cdrama adapted from the novel “The Little Lady of the Butcher’s House” (屠户家的小娘子) by Lan Ai Cao (蓝艾草). Baby Zhang and Tong Meng Shi are the two main leads of this series.

PLOT: Despite being orphaned at an early age, Xu Qing Jia worked hard and rose to the top of his class. He gets married to the daughter of a butcher’s household, Hu Jiao. Hu Jiao hasn’t learned how to read or write, but she is a joyous and optimistic person who keeps everything within the sequence. As a district magistrate, Xu Qing Jia dedicated himself to helping the public and pushing for reform proposals. Their story develops in the Northern Song Dynasty as they fall in love, marry, and aid the people in defeating crooked people.

The new stills of the drama have come out before the release of Episode 33 today! You can check it out below:

They look so cute together! You can watch the series on Viki or MGTV!


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