“LoveClass” New Korean BL Plot & Updates


‘Love Class’ is a Korean BL that will be released on 13 May 2022 by KBL. The main cast is ‘Kim Tae Hwan’ who played the main role in “My Amazing Boyfriend” and ‘Han Hyeon Jun’ who also played the role in the previous BL “Please Tell Me So”. The story is going to be a university campus romance.

The drama was going to be released in February of 2022 but because of some complications, the dates changed to May 2022.



TaeHwan and HyeonJun are ordinary students studying at a University. But this all changes when they both meet in an infamous class called “Fling Class” where students have to do a group assignment with their partners and surprisingly go on dates with their assigned partners. How will TaeHwan and HyeonJun pair up in this class?

“Would you like to join me?”
“Expect. I start practicing.”

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Hello people it's been 5 years since I have been interested in K-Pop and now started writing articles about it I hope my articles make sense and if I have to describe myself I surely like to do things which are not in my league.

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