A Year Without A Job Releases New Stills!


A Year Without A Job (没有工作的一年) is a slice of life Chinese Drama. Jackie Li, Wan Peng, and Zhai Zi Lu are starring in this drama. The drama aired on the 11th of April and will end on the 17th of May. It is being broadcasted on Hunan TV and Mango TV.


The plot revolves around two modern women who are dealing with joblessness and other day-to-day issues. Da Yu meets Xiao Yu, a girl with the same surname as herself. Xiao Yu had left her job out of exhaustion, and the two ended up living under the same roof by chance.


During the year they are unemployed, Da Yu continues to follow Xiao Yu’s lead and tries new experiences. As a result of Da Yu’s impact, Xiao Yu learns to plan in advance. They make the decision to seek employment. Da Yu, 30, hits a brick wall as a result of the corporate world’s rigorous standards and therefore must find some other way to keep moving forward. In the meantime, Xiao Yu learns to work hard rather than take it easy, and she earns the respect of her supervisor. Da Yu and Xiao Yu discover the purpose of life and career through each other in this way.


New stills of the upcoming episode were released today! Are you enjoying this series? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Weibo


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