The Miracle Of Teddy Bear Ranks 6 In Most Watched On Netflix In Thailand!


The Miracle Of Teddy Bear is a Thai BL (Boys Love) by. The story is about Taohu played by “In Sarin Ronnakiat” อิน สาริน รณเกียรติ and Nat played by “Job Thuchapon Koowongbundit” จ๊อบ ธัชพล กู้วงศ์บัณฑิต. It is an adaption from the novel ‘Khun Mee Patihan’ by Prap.


The Miracle Of Teddy’s popularity has been reaching various platforms. The Miracle Of Teddy is one of the Thai BL which is published by the most famous American platform Netflix. Because of its popularity, The Miracle Of Teddy Bear ranked 6 and is the most-watched on Netflix in Thailand.

The Miracle Of Teddy Bear is one of the biggest hits of the year for Thai BL to be ranked in the most-watched section on Netflix. This is the only time when a Thai BL has been ranked on such a big platform. Because the production of the BL is made the same as Lakorn style series that is like a basic Thai series the popularity has been categorized by it.


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