HumanxCat In BL? Meow Ears Up Review

  • AIR DAY: Tuesday
  • AIRED: April 2022
  • AIRING CHANNEL: Artop Media

Meow Ears Up is a Thai BL adapted from the Chinese manga that is manhua “Hey, Your Ears Popped Out!”. The story is about Dermdem played by Gap Kittichat Techahuasing and Meow played by James Prapatthorn Chakkhuchan.


Dermdem doesn’t know how life actually is and what dos life actually wants from him. Suddenly Dermdem life changed when the cat he took one day turned into a human. Meow who is from an Ear tribe meets Dermdem and changes his life’s perspective. Meow gives Dermdem a meaning in his life and becomes his feeling of happiness.


Episode 1 Review

On a rainy day, Dermdem picks up a cat and that cat turns into a human in front of his naked eyes. Dermdem doesn’t know what to do and calls the police but being speechless by what he has seen he cuts the call. Because of his nature, he starts questioning Meow. Meow answers all his questions like who is he, how did he end up like this. Meow says he was separated from Faiyen Meow’s elder brother. Dermdem touches his ears as he wanted to know if they wear real. But we all know that’s not true and that he finds them cute. Dermdem asks Meow where he came for if he could draw nearby things so he could know but gets to a dead end.

Dermdem gives Meow a shower as he feels cold from the rain. After the bath, Meow feels sleepy and starts rubbing his eyes Dermdem couldn’t resist his cuteness and his heart starts beating fastly. Funnily Dermdem does whatever Meow says him to do so when Meow told Dermdem to sleep with him he does. But gets out of the bed and sleeps on the sofa as he goes crazy from Meow’s cuteness. Meow turns into a cat at night falls and sleeps on Dermdem.

In the morning Dermdem spreads information about the lost cat in his neighborhood and also gets a few supplies that he thought Meow would like. Dermdem gets home and asks Meow about the food he likes but surprisingly Meow eats human food. But he does like the toys that Dermdem brought for him. 

Jin Dermdem’s editor comes home to remind him of the manuscript he has to submit as Dermdem is a cartoonist. Jin tells Dermdem to get a girlfriend or a pet as his work feels lonely nowadays. As Jin is talking about the supplies Dermdem brought Meow gets out of the bedroom where Dermdem hinds him and goes to the bathroom. Somehow Dermdem stops Jin to notice Meow in the house.

Meow is distracting Dermdem as he is working as asks him for food. As there is no food in the house Dermdem starts walking out of the house to get them food but Meow wanted to go out. Meow’s ears are very visible which is why Dermdem tells him not to come with him. Meow tries to hind the ears but his tail pops out. Dermdem gives Meow his hat so he can hind his ears. They get to the supermarket but Meow complains as his ears are hurting from the cap so he removes it. Dermdem goes into a panic mode that the whole world will know about the Animal-Human Hybrid exit so he coves Meow by hiding him inside his jacket. All the girls go crazy as they think of Dermdem and Meow a couple.

After waking up Dermdem sees the nightmare Meow has caused in the house. Meow tries to catch a fly which was disturbing Dermdem’s sleep but as he catches the fly he runs the water over to Dermdem’s work. Dermdem had to do all his work all over again and ignores Meow because of his anger. Dermdem does all his work and starts arranging everything in the house while doing so he sees the fly that Meow had caught previously and apologies to Meow.

Dermdem goes to the Animal doctor to see whether he got any information that he requested. But the doctor says there is no one who recognizes the cat and advises Dermdem to let the clinic handle the situation of Meow but Dermdem disagrees. Dermdem gets hotpot as it’s a 2 people food to eat for the first time. 

Writer’s Thought

That OST is freaking irritating with continuing saying “Meow Meow Meow Meow”. The manhua is really good I expected the Drama to do the same but the Drama is so slow that I had to watch the series in 2x speed and it got over within a few minutes. Meow is cute but the acting omg it’s way cringe than I imagined. Dermdem portrays a lonely character who is a cartoonist.

You can watch the trailer down below:


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