Cdrama I Wanna See You Again Releases Stills Before Tomorrow’s Premiere!


I Wanna See You Again (明天也想见到你) is a modern romance Chinese web drama starring Zhang Chuhan, Zhang Kangle, Xie Xingyang, and Lu Yuxiao.


Ding Liao Liao, an innovative director, and writer of Jiangxia TV’s welfare schemes are upbeat and joyful; Jiang Kan, a doctor at the drugstore, is quiet and uninterested. By chance, two people with diametrically opposed personalities have become roommates. Between the two people who became entangled with life and work, a sequence of bizarre incidents happened. They also progressed from initially hating one another to understanding as well as opening up to one another.


Ding Man, Ding Man’s younger brother, and ace anchor Lian Geyao, who share the residence, are also savoring a delightful love life that blossomed from a two-way love interest. In their daily lives, two pairs of young men and women have created stories that are local and global, funny or sensitive and pleasant. The four honest hard-working main characters will ultimately work together to confront life’s challenges and greet each new day.


Ahead of April 14 premiere on iQIYI, the stills for this amazing drama has been released! You can check it out below:

Are you excited about the new cdrama? Stay tuned for more!


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