Cdrama Be My Princess Releases New Posters!


Be My Princess (影帝的公主) is a Chinese Drama adapted from the novel “Ying Di De Gong Zhu” (影帝的公主) by Xiao Jia Ren (笑佳人). Xu Zheng Xi (Jeremy Tsui) and Zhou Jieqiong (Kyulkyung) were the main cast of this series. It started airing on the 16th of March and has officially ended today!


PLOT: Ming Wei is a part-time interpreter with a passion for acting. She was chosen as the female lead in award-winning performer Mu Ting Zhou’s forthcoming drama. With Mu Ting Zhou, she enacts the tale of a princess and a master during the Ming Dynasty. After an accident that left Mu Ting Zhou to end up losing his memories, he just recalls Ming Wei, the princess in the drama, whom he adored. Ming Wei begins to take care of Mu Ting Zhou’s life in order to aid him in regaining his memories.


To celebrate its wrap, the team has released the final set of posters of the actors in their Ming Dynasty persona.


Did you enjoy this drama? Stay tuned for more!


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