Bright, Win, Nanon, and Ohm Talks About Thai BL Popularity


In these recent years, Thai BL (Boys Love) has been taking over the world. The love that these series receive for just being themselves is not gender lining the content is what made them popular. Gay content is already been popular but the start of normalizing this started via these dramas which were aired in 2013 but got the recognition in recent years.

In the Nikkei Asia article, popular actors like Bright, Win, Nanon, and Ohm talk about the popularity Thai BL has received. The article talks about Thai BL’s popularity outside Thailand from Japan to Seoul New York and many other cities. They talked about many topics please check out their article for more information.


Nanon and Ohm are actors from the series Bad Buddy which received much appreciation from all over the world. With its popularity, they talk about Bl becoming the power in the Thai drama industry. They want to do their best so that it will receive more love in the coming years.

Bright and Win are the famous actors from ‘2gether The Series’ they told the writer that Thai BL is popular because it is not more complicated as other dramas. Thai BL (Boys Love) is a genre that doesn’t need any restriction on gender while watching. It all comes to the part where the stories not being complicated.



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