Korean Fans Express Deep Concern About LE SSERAFIM!


The group’s name, LE SSERAFIM, is an acronym for the words “IM FEARLESS,” which was highlighted at the start of the company’s countdown event. This acronym conveys the next group’s powerful message and perspective. Sakura, Chaewon, Yunjin, Kazuha, Eunchae, and Garam are members of the first girl group of Hybe Entertainment.

Source Music released a teaser of LE SSERAFIM titled “Casting Call” which gained Korean fans’ concern.


However, the opening few portions of the video created considerable controversy in Korea. In contrast to the video’s title, “Casting Call,” props such as the “Audition Room” sign on the entrance make the notion self-explanatory. Korean fans caught up on the “subtle nuances that give the video a peculiar atmosphere.” Concerned Korean fans believe that “having females line up outside a door” is a bad idea “Only to have them “pose in exposing outfits” has a striking resemblance to what supposedly occurs in Korean escort clubs. Concerning the video’s real “auditioning” portions, Korean fans complained that the “frame of view here is problematic” since it frequently “focuses on the bodies clothed in nothing but night slip type costumes.”


One fan said warily, “The video doesn’t even imply anything about the members’ abilities or personality. It’s showcasing young female bodies, and the fact that the agency thinks this is appealing at all is imagination.” Thousands of fans were deeply concerned about the situation “Sexualization” and even “objectification” of the members, particularly the minors While Source Music has not replied to the criticism. Korean fans continue to attack the agency’s executive-level “decision-makers” and creative directors for even exploring the notion with the LE SSERAFIM members. Between the possibly “difficult” “Source Music is still under fire following the release of the video and the prior wave of criticism for poor photoshopping of the group shots.


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