GMMTV Releses ‘OhmNanonUpvel’ EP.2


OhmNanonUpvel is a series uploaded by GMMTV on YouTube. Ohm and Nanon actors from the Thai BL series ‘Bad Buddy’ are the main focus of this.

For episode 2 Ohm and Nanon will be having an MMA-style Cage Boxing fight. Both of them have to get their bodies and minds ready because they’re going to have to level up in the most brutal match.

Fans might be a little concerned as Ohm has been trained in Muay Thai and also has a blackbelt in TaeKwon Do. Many might be curious about how this MMA match is going to turn out. Fans have already seen the behind the scene photos where Nanon was sleeping on Ohm in between the match. Not surprised enough now but weren’t they suppose to fight?? hehe.

You can watch the first episode over here:


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