Upcoming Thai BL/Korean BL/Taiwanese BL In April 2022


BLs have had a large amount of audience for a very long time. In recent years many filmmakers have seen the potential of gathering a big audience in this industry. Thai BLs have been in the limelight since 2013 but recently become mainstream. Taiwanese well-known BL History broke many records in the Taiwan BL industry. Coming to Korean BL started getting recognition very recently in 2020. Even though Korean BL industry just started to gain attention, it started mass producing adaptation from manhwa (Korean Comic) which was already popular in Korea.

Here’s the list of upcoming Thai BL, Korean BL, and Taiwanese BL In April 2022. The numbers count as to which series aires first:


5) KinnPorsche: Thai BL Drama

  • AIR DAY: Friday
  • AIRED: 3 April 2022

4) Star In My Mind: Thai BL Drama

  • AIR DAY: Friday
  • AIRED: 8 April 2022

3) What Zabb Man: Thai BL Drama

  • AIR DAY: Saturday
  • AIRED: 9 April 2022
  • AIRING CHANNEL: Star Hunter

2) Plus And Minus: Taiwanese BL Drama

  • AIR DAY: Friday
  • AIRED: 15 April 2022
  • AIRING CHANNEL: Rakuten ViKi

1) Ocean Likes Me: Korean BL Drama

  • AIR DAY: Tuesday, Wednesday
  • AIRED: 26 April 2022
  • AIRING CHANNEL: Rakuten ViKi

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