Singaporean Dad Under Debt Due To Daughter’s Ingame Purchase Of $20,000!


Genshin Impact is one of the most famous games in today’s day and age. Its Fandom is growing rapidly and travelers are ready to do anything to get their favorite characters and skins. There is a player who felt the same in Singapore, however, her obsession leads her family to fall into debt.

After tracing his daughter’s splurge on the popular open-world game “Genshin Impact,” a Singaporean dad was astounded by his $20,000 credit card debt. Lim Cheng Mong’s 18-year-old daughter’s e-wallet in the mobile game was linked to the credit card. From August to October 2021, she allegedly purchased in-game transactions to enhance her “Genshin Impact” protagonist.


“At first I thought I was scammed, but the credit card company said these were all legitimate transactions and there was nothing it could do,” Lim stated to The Straits Times. He clarified that he only linked his credit card to his daughter’s Grab account to pay her travel costs.

“I told her off and said it was a lot of money – one year’s worth of school fees if she were to go to an overseas university. She just spent the huge sum without blinking an eye,” He continued. Characters in the game can advance faster by purchasing item improvements with actual cash. According to reports, his daughter would invest up to $300 on various items.


“Genshin Impact” managed to earn $1 billion during its first six months of operation solely through mobile revenues. Companies doing business with electronic payments are now warning parents to monitor their e-wallets and their child’s in-game transactions.

Lim was able to recoup approximately $10,000 from the bank under which he obtained his credit card. He stated that he hopes businesses will evaluate online payments involving children. “We as parents have totally no control,” Lim said. “It is a disaster waiting to happen and I want to make sure more parents are aware of it.”

Have you ever made in-game purchases in Genshin Impact? What do you think about this situation?


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