Thai BL Cutie Pie Actors Zee & Nunew Featured On China Rollercoaster Magazine


Cutie Pie is a Thai BL (Boys Love) series released on Mandee YouTube Channel. The story is about 2 guys Kuea Keerati (Nunew) and Hia Lian (Zee) who were arranged to get married in their childhood. Kuea Keerati has been in love with Hia Lian for a long time, But because Lian never showed any affection toward him he broke off their engagement. This made Lian win him over as he has always secretly loved him.

Cutie Pie has been receiving all the love from Thai boys love fans. There have been many magazines that are well known and been scouting our boys. Cutie Pie main cast actor Zee & actor Nunew will be featured On China’s Rollercoaster Magazine cover.


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